Snow crab

A crustacean fished since the 1960s off the Gaspé coast, the snow crab is the best-known species of crab in the North Atlantic. Particularly sought after for its exceptional flavor and tender, delicate texture, snow crab has highly nutritious characteristics. Canada provides almost two-thirds of the world's snow crab supply, making it the main exporter.


Fished along the coasts of Quebec and the Maritime provinces in shallow waters, lobster (homarus americanus) is probably the most prestigious of seafood. The environment (rocky bottom and cold water) in which it evolves gives it a hard shell that protects its firm and dense flesh with an exquisite taste. Interestingly, there is a different flavor in each part of its body.

Rock crab

Fished only from July to September in deeper water, on rock, sand and gravel bottoms in the Gaspé, the rock crab differs from the snow crab by its much shorter legs. Its soft, slightly sweet, rather firm and well-proteined flesh offers a refined taste.